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We are the community led regeneration network

Ultimately our goal is to help our members bring about significant and sustainable regeneration in their communities. We help members thrive by encouraging innovation and creativity through networking and mutual support, by building business skills, by improving quality and diversity. We aim to create new partnerships and a better policy and financial environment by championing the values and benefits of development trusts.

Everything we do is driven by our members

Our members are practitioners and the relationship we try to build within the movement is one of reciprocity and mutuality, and that is our great strength. Member know-how means there is a wealth of practical support, mutual learning, and inspiration available to you – you are no longer on your own once you join DTAS. Member know-how also means we have a seat at the table with local and national government, and with private and voluntary sector bodies.

You can become part of this fast growing network by joining as a Full, Provisional or Associate member.

Full membership is open to all established development trusts (find out more here: 'What is a Development Trust?')

Provisional membership is open to local community organisations who are in the process of becoming a development trust. Provisional members receive the same benefits as full members

Associate membership is open to individuals and organisations that support the aims of DTA Scotland

Joining is simple:

  • Complete and return the Full, Provisional or Associate membership form along with any associated documents required
  • DTAS will send a confirmation e-mail when received
  • A DTAS Development Officer will contact you to arrange an informal meeting with the group to discuss your aims and plans, which would be the most appropriate membership and answer any questions about DTAS (for full & provisional members only)
  • Associate members will receive a phone call only to discuss their membership
  • A short report will be compiled for the DTAS Board recommending membership (or not)
  • When membership is approved a welcome pack will be sent with an invoice if appropriate
  • If the group is not a development trust Associate Membership will be offered.

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