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Application Forms

DTA Scotland has three categories of membership:

Full membership is open to all established development trusts (find out more here: 'What is a Development Trust?')
Annual fee: £75 for full year 1st April to 31st March

Provisional membership is open to local community organisations who are in the process of becoming a development trust. Provisional members receive the same benefits as full members
Annual fee: None for year 1, £30 for year 2, £50 for year 3

Associate membership is open to individuals and organisations that support the aims of DTA Scotland
Annual fee: Dependant on type of applicant, see form

Online application forms

Choose the correct application form and complete it online. Your application will be emailed to DTAS when you submit the form.

Full Membership Online Application Form

Provisional Membership Online Application Form

Associate Membership Online Application Form

Alternatively, you can download and print the relevant application form below, or contact us for more information.