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Benefits of Membership

“We’ve found membership of DTA Scotland incredibly useful, in particular the opportunity to network with and learn from others across Scotland.”

- Margaret Roberts, Northmavine Community Development Company

DTA Scotland works closely with Locality (was DTA),  DTA Wales and DT Northern Ireland to form the most extensive and influential community-led regeneration network in the UK. By joining DTA Scotland as a full member you also become a member of the UK wide association.

The development trust movement operates on the principle of mutuality. When you join we not only ask you for your membership fee but also expect you to:
Share your experience and information with other members across the country, for example by welcoming enquiries and visits from interested parties and attending the annual members’ conference. We also expect you to provide updated information to DTA Scotland about your organisation and its work, and to promote the development trust movement in general and DTA Scotland.

Development trusts that join as either full or provisional members will gain access to a wide range of benefits, outlined below. However, our experience is, that DTAS members that engage regularly with other members and DTAS staff, get the most out of their membership.

The more you put in…… the more you get out!

Benefits for full and provisional members

Professional services

Full and provisional members have access to a range of free or discounted professional help-lines and other services:

  • dtas member group pension scheme- ****new benefit***
  • discounted members' insurance scheme from               ed [at] keegan-pennykid [dot] com (Keegan & Pennykidd) - ****new benefit***
  • free legal advice from Burness LLP
  • bulk energy buying scheme with Touchstone Energy Management Services
  • free VAT Advice form CKR VAT Consultancy
  • free HR advice from HR Department ****new benefit****
  • free accounts and business development advice from Scott-Moncrief

Briefings and journals

Learning & development opportunities and resources

DTA Scotland provides a wide range of learning opportunities and resources aimed at those who want to set up development trusts, and at existing development trusts seeking to grow and become more effective:

  • discounted delegate rates at our annual conference
  • free places at our national and regional seminars and training events
  • access to enterprise support programmes
  • grants for study visits to development trusts or other community enterprises 
  • a review service to help you identify your organisation’s successes and challenges and offer practical suggestions
  • discounts on DTAS publications and training materials
  • access to a wide range of other resources available in the members’ area of the DTAS website


DTA Scotland carries out national campaigning on behalf of the development trust movement through regular representations to politicians, key national agencies and funding bodies. As a member, you will:

  • be consulted on DTAS responses to relevant government consultations, as well as DTA Scotland policy
  • have participation and voting rights within DTA Scotland and (for full members only) Locality

Raising your profile

Membership of DTAS can help you raise your organisation’s profile:

Last but not least, you will also be able to receive support and advice on a wide range of topics from DTAS staff by phone, e-mail or by arranging a meeting with them.

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Benefits for Associate Members

Organisations and individuals joining as associate members will be demonstrating their support for the growing development trust movement in Scotland and the UK. They also receive:

  • dtas member group pension scheme- ****new benefit***
  • discounted delegate rates at the DTAS annual conference
  • discounts on DTAS publications
  • DTA Scotland’s quarterly e-bulletin
  • access to our members’ insurance scheme
  • access to the members’ area of the DTAS website
  • a profile in our directory of members

We are particularly keen to encourage other organisations and individuals that provide support to development trusts, whether at a national or local level, to join as associate members. Often a mutually beneficial partnership can emerge between DTAS and its associate members. For example, Buchan Development Partnership, who are Associate members, who we have worked with to deliver some DTAS services in the North East, such as training.

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