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Annexe Communities

Area of Operation:

West Glasgow
Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley


How We Started

Annexe Communities has a history of identifying and developing services to meet local community needs and has evolved in name and function over almost three decades. Partick Community Association (PCA) was established in 1981 to develop part of a former local authority primary school, the Stewartville Street Annexe, as a community centre. Initially the building was sub-leased to a charitable trust to provide lets to small low-capital businesses as workshop space. This was a short-term strategy to keep the building occupied and generate income while developing and pursuing the long-term plan for the facility to be refurbished and provide a much-needed local community centre.

Following a series of public meetings in 1996 PCA developed a new vision for the building and adopted a funding strategy which resulted in a successful application to the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) to operate the first Healthy Living Centre in Glasgow. In 2001, The Annexe Healthy Living Centre came into being and the successful refurbishment of the facility resulted in a community centre providing an accessible building with three multi-purpose rooms, a community café, offices and general services areas.

Over the past 15 years our services have developed across a wider geographical area as funding criteria changed in relation to localities. Additional resources have also been secured to deliver new services in response to community need and demand. In this respect The Annexe no longer provides services solely within the Partick area; outreach initiatives have been cultivated and delivered within new communities in west and central Glasgow. As a consequence, in 2010 PCA become Annexe Communities and this has been adopted as the corporate identity of the organisation.

What We Do

The group has undertaken major capital repairs to the building over the years and would eventually like to explore taking full ownership of the building from Glasgow City Council. The centre houses a thriving café; offers a range of classes and activities such as art & design workshops, exercise classes, stress management classes and cookery workshops; runs a mothers & toddlers group, a project to address issues of isolation in older people and various day trip for local residents. It previously ran a youth project focused around fashion & design which spawned a new social enterprise. Membership of the group currently stands at over 250 with 35 active volunteers, 9 voluntary directors, 10 members of staff and 15 tutors.

More recently Annexe Communities forged a partnership with another local voluntary health organisation and was successful in securing a four year NHS contract to develop and deliver community health activities across designated neighbourhoods in NE and NW Glasgow. The main focus of the contract is community capacity building in Glasgow's most disadvantaged communities. This contract evolved from an earlier NHS service level agreement which delivered healthy living initiatives in four outreach neighbourhoods in west Glasgow.

Our Future Plans

We are currently seeking funding to complete phase two of our capital improvement to the Annexe building. This will involve reconfiguring the ground floor space, improving the healthy eating community cafe, upgrading toilet facilities and creating a reception space.

Contact Details

Julie Fox
General Manager

0141 212 3981
julie [dot] fox [at] annexecommunities [dot] org [dot] uk

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