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Beith Community Development Trust

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South West Scotland
South West (Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway)

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How We Started

At Beith Community Development Trust our aim is to improve the mental and physical fitness of the community, through regeneration and enabling of possibilities within Beith. We firmly believe the health, wealth and happiness of our community lies within our own power.

We hope to create local wealth and jobs, by bringing money into the community and keeping it within the community. Most importantly we are working to enable local growth within the community. Our biggest and most fundamental enabling project to date has been the generation of Beith Astro; a full-size synthetic football pitch.

In 2009 groups, clubs and teams in Beith, with a shared interest in health, well-being, sport and activity came together to discuss the lack of suitable facilities and venues within the town.

Years of neglect and lack of maintenance had left facilities in a poor state of repair or derelict. Clubs, groups and teams were forced to source facilities and venues out of town, leading to increased transport and activity costs.

Consequently the alliance formed a report in 2009 on the feasibility of community ownership of sports facilities in Beith, and on the basis of its recommendations Beith Community Development Trust (BCDT) was established.

What We Do

The success of Beith Astro has led to BCDT enabling a number of other community clubs and groups such as the Beith Can Bike club; the West Coast Paddlers; and Unlicensed Events which allows creative arts within the community to flourish.

BCDT also enables the Big Swap; a project aimed at recycling, reusing and reducing within Beith through the management of kit swaps, and eco-laundry powered by our very own solar panels.

BCDT also offers support in the community in the form of access to qualifications gained through Glasgow University Activate course. As well as being a recognised and approved as an assessment centre for Sports Leader Scotland.

We want to increase Beith’s fitness one person at a time and one way in which we do this is through Social Football, this includes our Pay & Play days, Fun Friday Footy Fives and Summer Camps.

We organise a number of community programs; such as Wee Shots, which allows the community the freedom to try new sport activities. A Credit Union community owned bank is also available to provide access to affordable loans and savings. BCDT is also an approved assessment centre offering SQA qualifications through Sports Leader Scotland.

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Contact Details

Jane Lamont
Development Manager

01505 228141
info [at] beithtrust [dot] org

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