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Braemar Community Ltd

Area of Operation:

North East (Aberdeen & Grampian)


How We Started

Braemar Community Ltd grew out of Braemar Community Council and was set up to ensure the continuing viability of Braemar through the continuum of sustainable development. It supports local regeneration, environmental and heritage projects.

What We Do

Our current main focus is the restoration and operation of Braemar Castle as a tourist attraction and as an educational resource to ensure it continues to attract visitors and thus generate income for the area. 

Braemar Castle is owned by the Farquharson family of Invercauld.  An established visitor attraction, the castle had closed in 2006 when the manager retired.  Recognising the impact of losing one of Braemar’s key attractions and the effect that would have on the local economy, the community stepped in.  In 2007 the owners agreed to lease the Castle to the Community of Braemar on a 50 year lease. 

It was recognised that Braemar Community Ltd was best placed to manage the project on behalf of the the people of Braemar.

Many members of the  community are now involved in activities at the castle through volunteering and through joint events, with village groups and societies working alongside volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to get involved.

BCL has also improved local path networks, built two new footbridges and restored the 19th century cottage and horse-mill at Auchtavan.  BCL are also involved in a project to revive a hydro scheme at Corriemulzie and a to create a new bridge across the river Dee near the village.

Our Future Plans

Our priority is to realise the restoration of Braemar Castle.  We are currently fund-raising and applying for grants so that we can deal with the pressing need to repair the roof of the castle at an estimated cost of £300,000.  We also need to repair the harling and to provide a reception area for visitors, toilets, kitchen area and shop to turn the castle into a sustainable attraction.  It is estimated that we will need around  £1 million to achieve what is required. 

In spring 2011, a Business and Development Plan was funded by the Cairngorms Leader Fund and Aberdeenshire Council and we are currently working on the actions recommended in this Plan.

Alongside, work is continuing to explore the viability of restoring the Victorian Hydro scheme at Corriemulzie as well as developing plans to build a bridge across the river Dee.

Contact Details

Doreen Wood
Vice-Chair, Braemar Community Ltd

07702 285 681
doreen [dot] a [dot] wood [at] btinternet [dot] com

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