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Coldstream Community Trust

Area of Operation:

Coldstream and District
Edinburgh & South East (Lothian, Borders)

Number of Staff:

How We Started

A large iconic church in Coldstream became redundant in terms of religion and was sold to our Trust in 1998. It required a lot of work - interior and exterior - to bring it up to a reasonable standard. A large part of the improvements were grant-aided.

Since 1998, there have been several improvements to the centre, which is now a very welcoming community centre, a base for the Connect Children and Youth charity, lots of sports and leisure events and one-off events like weddings and dinners.

In 2014 we transformed from a Trust into a SCIO bringing greater protection for Trustees from liability.

Also in 2014, we created a Development sub-committee to help Coldstream and district regenerate itself.

What We Do

Internal (to the community centre):-

  • host the Connect Childrens' & Youth Charity
  • host all types of social, sporting and leisure classes
  • community cinema
  • manage community website www.Coldstream.Co
  • host one-off events like weddings, parties and dinners

Community Projects (away from the community centre)

  • We are part of the successful Big Community Energy Switch organised by Councils, 2 Trusts and I Choosr, and in the recent auction, 113 Coldstream households have obtained average savings of £234 pa, one as high as £600pa.
  • Business Energy Switch also organised by IChoosr
  • Developing a Community Gym through utilising a mothballed Council property
  • Scoping a Community Hydro project
  • Hosting the 2016 Scottish Borders Walking Festival
  • Helping a local landowner with Woodland Management - signs, paths, seats
  • Annual Beerfest
  • Created a virtual body 'SportColdstream' so sports clubs can help each other and apply for grants with critical mass behind them 
  • Helping improve the Coldstream Guards brand and attraction and increase visitor numbers to the area
  • Town Centre Regeneration
  • Support for Coldstream's Heritage Limited which is trying to repair, conserve and interpret a medieval Lennel Kirk
  • Trying to protect some of the town's heritage 
  • Occasional, volunteer litter collections

Our Assets

  • Community Centre

Our Future Plans

We want to successfully complete the current projects and view where we are,  after that.

Contact Details

Gerald Tait
Secretary to the Trust

tenwickettait [at] gmail [dot] com

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