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Colonsay Community Development Company

Area of Operation:

Islands of Colonsay and Oronsay, Argyll
Argyll & Islands

Number of Staff:

How We Started

Colonsay, together with Oronsay, is approximately ten miles long and two miles wide. It is one of the smallest and most remote of the inhabited Hebridean islands. The Community Company evolved from the original Village Hall Project, which was completed in 2000 and is now managed by a separate committee.

What We Do

We are engaged in a range of work which reflects a sustainable approach to the regeneration of our island. Our current projects include: · running the islands coal supply and only petrol pump. · a major rhododendron ponticum eradication programme employing 3 fte · creation of enhanced access to archaeological sites. · Feasibility study into the possibility of improving the harbour and surrounding area · Organise fund raising events throughout the year

Our Assets

  • Fuel station at Scalasaig
  • Rhododendron clearance equipment

Our Future Plans

Future plans include: · Renewable energy project · Creation of 7 new crofts on the island · Provision of a gateway house for new families to try out life on Colonsay

Contact Details

Caitlin McNeill
Local Development Officer

01951 200244
caitlin [dot] ccdc [at] gmail [dot] com

Tags associated with Colonsay Community Development Company:
Crofting/agriculture, Petrol stations

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