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Dollar Community Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Forth Valley (Stirling, Falkirk, Clacks)

Number of Staff:
Currently Nil

How We Started


Following development of a Community Action Plan toward the end of 2015 and its publication early in 2016, the need to regenerate the community and to deal with a number of priority actions was clearly identified within that plan.  It was decided at a public meeting that the appropriate vehicle to deal with these issues and to undertake sustainable development would be a Community Development Trust.  An action group was formed in June 2016.  This group worked toward and subsquently achieved registration as a Company with limited Guarantee with Charitable Status in April 2017.

The management Board meets regularly and membership of the Trust has grown to 155.

Work is on-going developing a Strategic Plan that embraces short and medium term principle priorities and project objectives including their leadership.

What We Do


The Trust aims to regenerate and provide sustainability within the community.

It is working to improve well being and engagement across the community in the interests of all age groups.

Initial priorities are to protect services within the community i.e. Transport, access to Postal and Banking facilities, to improve Broadband speeds and to improve recreational facilities for all ages.  Also and important to the local economy the Trust will work to improve the environment and facilities for visitors.

Dollar with its backdrop of the Ochils is an area of natural beauty and has a very interesting heritage that attracts many visitors.

All activities are in the interests of the community and not for profit.

Our Future Plans


In due course a transfer of assets will be pursued in order to provide a Community Hub owned and operated by the community.

Office space is currently being organised and Funding applications based on the priorities of the Strategic Plan are being developed and pursued

Contact Details

Dennis Toon

dennis [dot] toon [at] btinternet [dot] com

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