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Dunblane Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Forth Valley (Stirling, Falkirk, Clacks)


How We Started

In 2002, extensive survey work was carried out across the whole community and a Community Plan for Dunblane was generated. The Plan contains a summary of the results of the surveys and describes how, through the formation of a new charitable trust, the hopes of the Dunblane community could be realised. In June 2003, Dunblane Development Trust Ltd. was established to deliver the Community Plan.

What We Do

The Trust:

• promotes and facilitates the Dunblane in Bloom. Environmental Group and Mid Week Group
• has taken on the lease and is managing and developing Braeport Community Centre and looking to take into ownership
• undertaking the refurbishment of riverside walks and gardens

• has accessed funds for youth work

• runs a website.
• has acquired a town centre gap site and constructed a new community-owned building which includes a restaurant as well as residential properties in order to provide the Trust with an on-going income.

Our Assets

  • polytunnel, van and trailer
  • town centre building incorporating 5 flats and a restaurant

Our Future Plans

The Trust is currently investigating the purchase of the Braeport Centre.

Contact Details

Katherine Novosel
Company Secretary

dunblanedevelopmenttrust [at] gmail [dot] com

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