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Eday Partnership

Area of Operation:

Island of Eday, Orkney
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Number of Staff:

How We Started

Eday Partnerhship was founded in 2004, following Eday’s inclusion in the Initiative at the Edge programme.

What We Do

Eday Partnership is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. The Board of Eday  Partnership  meets on a monthly basis and at present have three  paid posts, AFSO, Ranger and Company Secretary.

Eday Partnership acquired a Community Wind Turbine which was commissioned in November 2012 and is managed by Eday Partnerships trading subsidiary Eday Renewable Energy Ltd. The income generated will be used to progress projects and aims found within our 2014-2017 Development Plan. 

Projects completed so far: Provision of three 6kw turbines for Eday Heritage and Visitor Centre, Eday Community Hostel and Eday Community Enterprise. The production of five Ranger  brochures and walks leaflets. Four swinging buoys at the pier and  calfsound. Research  measuring the additional cost of Island living and carbon footprint completed by the university of Flemsburg. A pilot for an Inter Isles Fast boat  service. New slipway and marshalling  area and improved signage at Kirkwall pier working with Eday Community Council. Installation of a new diesel tank for Eday Community Enterprise. Housing survey to discover the extent of fuel poverty on Eday. Skills survey including various development courses. Eday Website marketing  accommodation and services recently renewed. Internet access at Eday Hostel. Assistance with completion of Eday Heritage and Visitor Centre. Eday Oral History Project Worker. Renovation of Eday Hostel and Camping area. Provision of a Recycling and Composting Officer. Powerdown Officer for carbon reduction who commissioned a Local Food Study produced by Dr Michael Hanncock. The production of a Eday Tourist DVD. New Eday Partnership Website. Gateway house to allow families to try island life before relocating, the first tenant  moved in 2010, this has  been a huge success enabling 16 people to relocate to Eday sustaining our school and economy.

Our Future Plans

To enable our community to become more sustainable, the creation of jobs, to investigate the means to ease the cost burden of freight and travel, to find solutions to improve island Broadband, to re look at the Inter Isles Fast Ferry to establish benefit, usage and viability, to provide affordable housing and crofting land parcels for rental other than council housing to allow young folk to return or remain on Eday, Shortage of B&B accommodation for workers and tourist's, to work to address fuel poverty.

Eday Partnership are currently funding the renovation of Eday Community Shop, Eday Community enterprise this will incorporate the provision for an island cafe facility.

Eday Partnership are continuing to work to acquire a PQASSO mark to ensure a high quality standard of working. 

Contact Details

Susan Thompson
Company Secretary

sue [at] edaypartnership [dot] org

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Community housing, Nature conservation, Tourist information, Visitor accommodation

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