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Eilean Eisdeal

Area of Operation:

Easdale Island
Argyll & Islands


How We Started

The Trust was established in 1997 to carry out projects on the island of benefit to the community and with the long term aim of regeneration and sustainability for the island, the impetus for this coming from the desire to convert the old drill hall into a community facility when its most recent use as a fishing processing plant ceased.

What We Do

• Converted the drill hall into a multi-purpose community facility, which is now up and running and provides a centre for community, educational, social and arts activities, with a full arts programme.
• Set up “The Easdale Island Trading Company Ltd.”, incorporated in October 2004 to raise funds for the Trust,
• Purchased the harbour and some adjoining land, refurbished the harbour and improved facilities and organised moorings for islanders and visitors. Consideration is being given to the erection of boatsheds and craft units on the adjacent land.
• Taking forward plans for recycling/zero waste as part of a waste management initiative with ongoing research and community consultation.
• Investigating and researching good quality affordable housing for islanders.
• Work on improving broadband internet access for all islanders.
• Successful grant applications for the acquisition of the museum for the community, which the current owner wishes to sell.
• Currently consulting and responding to the Lorn plan which proposes reclassifying areas previously designated as potential development areas on Easdale, one of which is an area owned by the Trust, and which are intertwined with a proposal to build a causeway to the Island.

Our Assets

  • The harbour and adjacent land
  • The Island Hall and adjacent land.

Contact Details

Jess Hill

01852 300003
secretary [at] easdale [dot] org

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