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Ekopia Resource Exchange Ltd

Area of Operation:

West Moray
North East (Aberdeen & Grampian)

About 650
Number of Staff:
2 p/t

How We Started

Our community's main retail outlet is a crafts/books wholefoods shop. When the owners announced a willingness to sell the business, ideally into some form of community ownership, we formed Ekopia to raise funds from community residents and supporters. The buy-out was successful and we have invested over £200,000 in this business, making us the largest investor.

What We Do

We are a community benefit co-operative raising funds to support local enterprises. We have over 250 members and have invested a total of over £850,000 in various community projects. These include an eco-chalet development, a wind park and a housing co-operative. We also run our own community currency – the Eko.

Our Assets

  • Various shares, loans and property totaling £878,000.

Our Future Plans

We are researching new ways to increase the amount of affordable housing available in the community and currently fundraising for a project to develop 8 housing units.

Contact Details

Alex Walker

01309 691258
alex [dot] walker [at] findhorn [dot] cc

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