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Ferguslie Park Housing Association

Area of Operation:

Ferguslie Park
Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Number of Staff:

How We Started

Established 1992

What We Do

Ferguslie Park Housing Association is a community based Housing Association with its entire assets based in Ferguslie Park. It is the largest social landlord in Ferguslie Park with some 784 properties.

As a landlord, the Association meets the housing needs of the community by developing, providing, and managing good quality housing for rent, at levels which are affordable. However the Association acts as more than a landlord. It actively promotes economic regeneration and social inclusion, within Ferguslie Park. With its partners in the local community and local and national government, the Association invests in the physical, social and economic regeneration of Ferguslie Park. Within the community of Ferguslie Park, the Association oversees local regeneration projects, training and employment projects, and community participation initiatives.

In October 2006 the Association became the new owners and managers of the Tannahill Community Centre. This Centre is the hub of Fergusiie Park and is home to a wealth of community facilities including a health centre, nursery, post office, library, cafe, community hall and chemist. Ferguslie Park Housing Association’s offices are based in the Tannahill Centre.

Contact Details

Robert Craig
Chief Executive

0141 887 4053
r [dot] craig [at] fpha [dot] org [dot] uk [dot] com

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