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Fetlar Developments Ltd

Area of Operation:

Island of Fetlar, Shetland
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Approx 50

How We Started

The Island of Fetlar, Shetland, suffers from economic and population decline (now approx. 50 people, primary school faces closure in 2010 due to a lack of pupils). Fetlar is part of a trio of islands with Initiative at the Edge status which ends in October 2009, but the community feels they have not benefited enough from this three-island arrangement and so established Fetlar Developments Ltd (FDL) in October 2008, which began trading in February 2009

What We Do

A comprehensive community development plan has been created and FDL has secured funding to employ a development worker for one year initially to help the community implement projects within the plan. These include: website creation, community polytunnels, a remote working facility, extension of a café project, wind turbines/micro hydro, research for an electric minibus for the isle, tourism brochure production/survey and creation of housing through partnership working. Islanders are also working with SIC to enable the installation of a breakwater which will help kickstart the local economy by providing facilities for aquaculture employment and ensuring the ferry can tie up in Fetlar overnight

Contact Details

Robert Thomson
Development Worker

01957 733369
robert [at] fetlar [dot] org

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