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Fintry Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Fintry, Stirlingshire
Forth Valley (Stirling, Falkirk, Clacks)

Approx 500

How We Started

The organisation emerged in response to a proposal from a private developer to build a wind farm. Local people joined together to negotiate with the developer to increase the footprint of the windfarm by one additional turbine. FREE was then set up to be the organisation that took the idea forward.

What We Do

FREE’s negotiations resulted in an arrangement with the windfarm developers whereby the developers will pay the full initial cost of the 'Fintry Turbine' and the village will pay this back over the first 15 years of operation. This means that the village won't have to raise any money to pay for the turbine. During the first years (while the cost of the turbine is being paid off) the income from the turbine to the village will be between £50,000 and £100,000 per year. Once the turbine has been paid off, this will rise to nearer £400,000 to £500,000 per year (depending on electricity prices). FREE has a long-term ambition of achieving a carbon-neutral sustainable community in Fintry so its areas of work will ultimately include transport as well as heating and lighting. The Trust’s first project will be to fund a extensive programme of home insulation and other measures to reduce the carbon footprint of the community. Surpluses from the income from the turbine will be covenanted to a charitable trust which will take forward other community projects of a charitable nature. FREE has also set up an outreach project (FROST) which is a consultancy designed to assist other communities to achieve the sort of gains from renewable energy projects that Fintry have achieved.

Our Assets

  • Wind turbine

Contact Details

Gordon Cowtan
Fintry Development Trust

01360 860009
info [at] fintrydt [dot] org [dot] uk

Tags associated with Fintry Development Trust:
Energy conservation, Renewable energy

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