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Fochabers Village Association

Area of Operation:

Fochabers and surrounds
Highland & Western Isles


How We Started

The village association was established in 1944 to ‘provide within Fochabers and the surrounding district recreational facilities, or organise recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended’

What We Do

In recent times activity has included improvements to the village square by securing funding of £100,000.00 and upgrades to the playing fields and tennis courts.

Since formation over £1 million has been raised through fund raising that has been distributed to community projects

The Fochabers Village Association Limited (FVAL) was formed as a community development trust in 2013 to handle larger capital projects. The Fochabers Public Institute is the first such project.

Our Assets

  • Fochabers Public Institute

Our Future Plans

Completion of the Fochabers Public Institute renovation project.

To stabilise income streams of the building to ensure its future sustainability.

Upgrade/rebuild the playing fields sports pavilion

Community allotments

Community hydro electric scheme

Contact Details

Gordon Christie

01343 821923
gordonchristie [at] ecosse [dot] net

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