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Fraserburgh Development Trust Ltd

Area of Operation:

Fraserburgh & District (AB43 postal area)
North East (Aberdeen & Grampian)

Number of Staff:
1.5 FTE

How We Started

In advance of the Aberdeenshire Towns Programme exit in December 2008 the town through the Towns Partnership explored what the priorities for the future were and how the town and community would wish to advance these. The community felt these was still opportunities for further development and that the surrounding villages and towns had close economic, historical and cultural ties. Following a successful round of public meetings Fraserburgh Development Trust Ltd (FDT) was incorporated 15 December 2008 to serve Fraserburgh and the surround area (AB43). From the very beginning FDT set out to build a strong membership based from the whole operational area. The membership is currently over 100 and rising. FDT has entered into a Service Level Agreement with Aberdeenshire Council until March 2011 which provides some financial support as FDT moves towards sustainability.

What We Do

Fraserburgh Development Trust is an independent community development trust which is set up to achieve local goals to improve the community’s quality of life and the provision of local amenities. Working with members of the Trust in the community, community organisations, the local authority and partners. Our priorities our • Ensure a viable future for the town centre • Ensure recreational facilities meet the needs of the whole community including young people • Improving resident and visitor perceptions for Fraserburgh • Enhance public spaces in the town and access to these • Improve the local tourist offering

Our Future Plans

We are investigating the potential for • Acquisition of all or part of Dalrymple Hall from the local authority to provide space for service provision and for let • An internet trading service that enables local people to sell items with the trust taking a fee • The development of grid-connected wind turbines • Regeneration of vacant/derelict property within the town

Contact Details

Mark Jackson

01346 510513
office [at] fraserburghdevelopmenttrust [dot] org

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