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Gargunnock Community Trust

Area of Operation:

Gargunnock Village, Stirlingshire
Forth Valley (Stirling, Falkirk, Clacks)


How We Started

Existing community groups came together early in 2006 to form Gargunnock Community Trust following a realisation that a single vehicle was needed to facilitate better partnership working that meets the village’s needs.

What We Do

Gargunnock Community Trust aims to met the social and recreational needs of local people, advance education and provide training (particularly for the young and unemployed), and protect and enhance the environment. The Trust is in negotiations with Stirling Council regarding transfer of title over the community centre, and plans to renovate this and lease it out for a wide range of uses including the youth club, toddlers group, art classes, monthly GP surgery, weddings, concerts/dances, and many other recreational and sports activities. It also plans to create office space for rent and a café. Land owned by a now defunct community group is also being transferred to the Trust, and plans for this are being developed.

Contact Details

Iain Gulland

07900 682290
iain [dot] gulland [at] phonecoop [dot] coop

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