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Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust

Area of Operation:

Isle of Gigha
Argyll & Islands

c. 157
Number of Staff:

How We Started

In March 2002 the islanders of Gigha took the step of buying their island ensuring that for all time Gigha would be held in trust for the benefit of all.

What We Do

Our view of the future is a long term one based around the need to build a sustainable future for the island with a buoyant local economy where community businesses flourish alongside individual enterprise, where there are a range of housing opportunities with good quality affordable housing for all residents, and where any developments do not compromise the special environment of the island. Much has been achieved since the buy out. The population has grown to over 150, the school role has increased from 7 to over 20 primary pupils, new businesses have been created and others have relocated to new purpose built craft units, a major improvement programme for the island's housing is well underway, new homes to let are being built and a further five households have been building their own homes.

The trading activities of the Trust are managed by a subsidiary trading company, Gigha Trading Ltd, which is fully owned by the Trust. A further subsidiary company, Gigha Renewable Energy Ltd, holds full responsibility for managing the Gigha Windmills, Scotland's first grid-connected, community-owned windfarm.

Our Assets

  • The majority of island estate of Gigha, including farms, housing, a local hotel, 3 wind turbines and much much more

Our Future Plans

The Trust has a number of ongoing project, including the development of a new wind turbine, further housing improvements and a review of land use on the island.

Contact Details

Elaine Morrison
Trust Manager

01583 505390
admin [at] gigha [dot] org [dot] uk

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