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Killin & Ardeonaig Community Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Killin and Ardeonaig
Forth Valley (Stirling, Falkirk, Clacks)

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How We Started

Based on the results of the Community Futures exercise set up by the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park that led to a Community Action Plan after public consultation. The Killin Community Council set up the Trust to manage local community developments and property.  

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What We Do

Killin and Ardeonaig Community Development Trust
Chairman’s report 2013 to 2014

2013/2014 was a busy year for the Trust. It takes a lot of time and effort to obtain charitable funding to achieve the big changes that consultation has shown to be the main aims of the community.

Breadalbane Park
The Trust is still working on the development of the Breadalbane Park. Community concerns about the Park first arose when rain caused it to become unusable for the Agricultural Show in 2004. In 2011 Alma Walker started the ball rolling by winning a grant of £10,000 from Stirling Council to improve the Play Park. Now, in 2015, the work is commencing to develop the park, ensure that developments for the Play Park are put in place and fix the drainage, grant aided by £277,295 from the Big Lottery.

Thrift Shop and Visitor Information
The Mill has become a focus for volunteering and is well supported by the community. It is profitable and an important resource in support of Trust activities. The work it provides is useful to those who wish to dispose of everyday items and to those keen to purchase them. Visitors are generally very complimentary. The ultimate aim of the business is to produce a small income stream to support community voluntary activities and give a focus for volunteering.

The Old Mill
The Mill building is leased to the Trust. Upkeep and expenses come from Thrift Shop profits. Extensive background work was needed to apply for charitable grants for the repair and development of the building and to make it more suitable for use by the community. A bid for funds for £623,429.31 has been submitted to the Big Lottery. The bid has been accepted, stage 1, subject to further discussions. Historic Scotland has already promised £77,937 as a proportion of eligible repairs towards the costs that will be used along with the main grant. If it all goes according to the timetable work on the Mill will commence in November 2016

Toilet Feasibility Study
The Trust were invited, by the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, to apply for a £10,000 grant at a time when Stirling Council told us that they were about to close both public toilets in the village. The Stirling Council decision presented us with a devastating scenario in view of the isolation of the village and large number of visitors to the local lochs and hills. It was suggested by Stirling Council that if community volunteers would clean and manage the toilets they were prepared to give them to the community. The study looked at all the options and interviewed a cross section of people and businesses in the area. The result concluded that it would not be possible to sustain the cost of even one public toilet without a robust business to support it. Volunteers were not keen to be involved in cleaning the toilets and Stirling Council decided, when the study was virtually complete, that they would still support the toilets for five years while seeking businesses to take them over by the end of that time. The study did discover that one, more suitably placed, toilet would be sufficient for Killin in a site acceptable to the majority of the local population. There is no immediate requirement for the Trust to be involved in developing this as a project.

The Trust has two employees, Franny Morrison as the Mill Manager and Theresa Elliott as a support worker for the Trust. Employment was achieved by acquiring charitable funding from a variety of sources. There are a few sources for such funding and they are time limited.
The funding for Franny came from the Foyle Foundation, Stafford Trust and the Christina Mary Hendrie Trust and it ran out on the Third of August 2014. Her employment has since been supported from Mill Profits at a reduced 14 hours per week. Further charitable funding has been sought without success.
Funding for Theresa, from LEADER and the Architectural Heritage Fund ran out on the 31st December 2014. Applications to the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Robertson Trust were unsuccessful. Stirling Council agreed to fund her for about a three-month period. The Trust has submitted a bid to the People and Communities Fund for one year the result of which is still awaited.
Both of these posts are very important to the Trust to run the mill and manage the charitable activities of the Trust and are essential to sustain Trust projects.

Space Audit
This project is designed to look at all the facilities available in Killin and all resources used by groups and activities in the area to identify facilities that are needed or duplicated so that the community and providers can be aware of usage and demand and resource management improved. The Study is now complete and will be available soon.

Internet Learning Café
The future of this facility is under discussion. It provides a resource for those who wish to learn about using computers. The numbers attending have dropped to between one and three per session. Attendees are charged £1 per hour and the teaching has been supported by a grant from Forth Valley College. As the meeting is held in the Library on the one weekday on which the Library is closed it does increase access to the facilities.

Sports and Leisure Club
The Trust is exploring ways to support the Sports and Leisure Club as the facilities require to be upgraded in order to attract more members. Stirling Council have indicated that they would be happy to pass on the 999 year lease for the area to the community if satisfied by certain criteria. Options are being explored and one of the Club committee members attends Trust meetings.

Finance Sub-Committee
In addition to the main Directors Committee the Trust has established a Finance Sub-Committee. The accounts have become complicated with an ever-increasing number of subdivisions related to different activities and funders. This will give Directors better understanding of financial transactions and more transparency to accounting.

The Trust and the Community owe much to certain people who have been the drivers behind the work of the Trust and without whom it is unlikely that we would have made such progress. The first of these is Sonya Linskaill who, while having been under contract for part of the process, has gone far beyond what was required of her in her support of the Mill development. The second is Theresa Elliott without whom I doubt that we could have reached this point in achieving either the Park or Mill funding. Support like this is a necessity where community development is concerned. Every pound spent on community support is of considerable help in community achievement, an effective expenditure for any government body.

Willie Angus  Chairman

April 2015

Our Future Plans

The future plans of the Trust can be found in the current action plans which may be found on the Trust web site.  Sometimes new urgent problems arise as is the case in the imminent closure of the public toilets by Stirling Council.  

At present the Trust is fully committed with its current projects.

Contact Details

Theresa Elliot

Mob:07789 265823 Tel: 01567 820628
theresa [at] killincdt [dot] co [dot] uk

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