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Knoydart Foundation

Area of Operation:

Knoydart peninsula
Highland & Western Isles

Number of Staff:

How We Started

The Foundation was established in 1997 so it would be in a position to take over the Knoydart Estate should it come on the market. In 1999 the estate went into receivership and the community were able to raise the funds to purchase it, with help from a number of supporters. A development manager was appointed in 2001 and a number of projects have been implemented since the purchase.

What We Do

We rent housing at affordable rents, support community development, operate a ranger service and provide support for tourists and visitors, run a hydro electric scheme (no grid connection here) run a bunkhouse, sell merchandise, lease land and buildings, manage the wild deer herd. Currently we have a number of carbon reduction projects being developed as part of the Powerdown consortium.

Our Assets

  • 7 residential properties
  • Various buildings leased to/used by the local community
  • Bunkhouse ( managed by a trading subsidiary)
  • Hydro electric scheme ( managed by a trading subsidiary)
  • 17000 acres of land
  • Small campsite

Contact Details

Angela Williams
Knoydart Foundation

01687 462242
angela [at] knoydart [dot] org

Tags associated with Knoydart Foundation:
Energy conservation, Land buy-out, Nature conservation, Visitor accommodation

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