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Lesmahagow Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Number of Staff:

How We Started

In response to concerns about the rebuilding of the local schools Lesmahagow Community Council was reformed after an absence of a number of years. Very quickly there were plans for other large scale developments in the village and the members recognised that there could be an opportunity to regenerate the village after a long period of stagnation. 

Dealing with the developers and the local council as a community council had its’ limitations and it was decided that a Development Trust would be a more suitable vehicle to take forward our vision for Lesmahagow.  Some community council members formed Lesmahagow Development Trust and then brought in others who shared the same desire to make Lesmahagow a better place to live.

What We Do

Lesmahagow is a geographically, economically and socially diverse village.    Due to its’ proximity to the M74, some parts of Lesmahagow have over the years become a commuter belt for people who want to live in a village but have work commitments elsewhere.

Many of these commuters have reasonable levels of disposable incomes but with limited social activities available within the village and poor knowledge of those which are available they travel outwith the village for their recreational activities.

Other areas of the village are classed as socially deprived and access to local activities are restricted by financial constraints.
This presents Lesmahagow Development Trust with one of its’ biggest challenges, how to develop projects which do not alienate a large part of the population and brings all areas together regardless of social or financial standing.

Our Future Plans

  • To obtain a main street presence for the trust which will allow us to raise our profile within the village
  • put together a local community plan which will guide our activities
  • hire a part time development worker to drive our projects
  • become financially self sufficient allowing us to focus on delivering measurable benefits to Lesmahagow

Contact Details

Graham Harrison
Development Officer

07718 647664
grahamharrison [at] lesmahagowdevtrust [dot] com

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