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Mayfield & Easthouses Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Mayfield & Easthouses, Dalkeith, Midlothian
Edinburgh & South East (Lothian, Borders)

Approx 9000
Number of Staff:

How We Started

Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust was set up with the aim of achieving sustainable regeneration by meeting the social, economic, cultural and environmental needs our community. This was in response to the high levels of unemployment and decline of the physical environment in the area, which was devastated by the closure of its coal mines. A series of consultation events were carried out engaging a high proportion of local residents and at a public meeting 92% of those attending endorsed the creation of a local development trust.

What We Do

In order to achieve sustainable regeneration in our community we provide projects groups and services which meet the needs of our community. Since 2006 we have established a number of groups, project and services, these include a Baby and Toddler group and a PEEP early years education group, both groups help reduce social isolation in our community as well as promote early years development. We also have a Landshare Project linking those who wish to grow with those who have land to share. We also have established a healthy walking network and have produced a map with 5 easy to use routes around our community. Both of these are very much health and intergenerational. We also recognise that sustainability is vital to our success and have set up two social enterprises ‘MAEDT marquee hire’ and MAEDT Community Transport Services. Finally we continue to listen to our community in order to develop further groups, projects and services which will benefit the community.

Contact Details

Sharon HIll
Development Worker

0131 663 5317
development [at] maedt [dot] org [dot] uk

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