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Milngavie Community Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Number of Staff:
all volunteers

How We Started

Milngavie Community Development Trust grew out of the enthusiasm to improve Milngavie shown in the public response to the household survey and public meetings held in 2015/16.  With financial help from the Community Council we conducted extensive consultation on what would make a positive difference to life in Milngavie.  We analysed the results ourselves, gathered lots of good and popular ideas from the survey, collated them and our Community Action Plan was produced.  Our aim is to turn these ideas into reality.

We are extremely proud to have done this ourselves.

What We Do

The Community Action Plan tries to build on what people like about Milngavie and work to reduce what they don't like about Milngavie.

The ideas have been grouped into four themes:-

Community Events and Gatherings

Environmental Assets

Community Support

Community Assets

Within each theme are a number of priorities.

We brought the community together through the Fair of Clubs and Societies, which was sold out and attracted more than 400 visitors. We revived Milngavie Week with lots of free events making Milngavie feel like a community again. We held extensive consultation on improving Lennox Park producing a draft Participation Request, and opening consultation on Oakburn Park. People felt that their views were being noted and taken into account. We are working with a number of agencies to improve the start of the West Highland Way and helped broker a deal with other organisations to provide public toilet facilitites in the Youth Centre (the top request in the survey of ‘what Milngavie needs’)  

Contact Details

Ruth Blakey

info [at] milngaviedt [dot] co [dot] uk

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