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Mull & Iona Community Trust

Area of Operation:

Islands of Mull & Iona, Argyll
Argyll & Islands

Number of Staff:

How We Started

The Mull & Iona Community Trust, Ltd. was established following a research and community consultation process undertaken in 1996/7. Throughout the process the local Steering Group held meetings and community workshops, developing a vision for the future, identifying strategic goals, and subsequently putting forward recommendations for community action in a 50 page "Community Regeneration Strategy" for the islands, published in 1997.

What We Do

We engage in a wide range of projects that reflect a sustainable approach to regeneration. Achievements to date include: • Developing a rescue package for Mull Slaughterhouse Ltd • Creating a community enterprise centre for Mull & Iona• Establishing a community composting initiative • Set up a community run Countryside Ranger service • Providing fundraising, training and constitutional advice to local groups and organisations Current work includes expanding the composting scheme into a major recycling initiative, assisting in the creation of 3 local development officers, developing a strategy for the creation of local viewpoints, investigating the feasibility of creating a storage and light industrial facility for the north of the island, assisting in the creation of a community owned hydro-electric power generation scheme, and the development of a 10yr strategic plan for the islands.

Our Assets

  • 1 communuty enterprise centre
  • 2 full time charity shops
  • Office equipment

Contact Details

Moray Finch
Development Manager

01680 812900
mfinch [at] mict [dot] co [dot] uk

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Nature conservation, Re-use/recycling, Workspaces

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