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Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC)

Area of Operation:

Northmavine, Shetland
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Approx 840

How We Started

The Northmavine Development Company was originally formed in June 1993 for the benefit of the public of Northmavine. At a specially called EGM in July 2004, it was agreed that the recently formed Initiative at the Edge Local Development Group should take on the Articles of the Company and adopt it, and in this way the NDC would take on the responsibility for overseeing the Initiative at the Edge process in Northmavine and ensuring the community was fully consulted.

What We Do

The NDC mission statement is to work with the Northmavine community and partner agencies to secure its social, cultural and economic sustainability for the benefit of everyone. To that end we have carried out a full community consultation and produced a Development Plan based on this and will undertake further consultations on issues that have arisen since. Our plans include:
• setting up a website.
• running a tourism group.
• supporting employment opportunities including promoting crofting and fishing.
• making an accurate record of the housing situation and exploring ways of providing more houses for sale and rent.
• examination of transport needs.
• establishing a Northmavine Youth Group.
• establishing working relationships with organisations experienced in health promotion.
• exploring ways of improving the visual amenity of the area, promoting a cleaner and more attractive environment including identifying and promoting renewable energy projects.
• ensuring the local community is informed of progress through meetings, press articles, radio and annual progress reports.

Contact Details

Maree Hay
Project Worker

01806 544222
maree [at] northmavine [dot] com

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