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Papay Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Island of Papa Westray, Orkney
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Number of Staff:
1 p/t

How We Started

The Trust was established following public concern over depopulation. The initial steering group was made up of members of existing groups, including the Community Council, Community Association, local co-op etc. Papay was included with Westray in the government programme ‘Initiative at the Edge’ and participated in the conference in Westray, which was attended by over 400 people from the community and local agencies to identify local needs, priorities and solutions, from there the local development plan was formulated. We became a registered charity in 2000


What We Do

We employ on  part time basis a Community Development Officer and recently heard that we have an extension to those ours as well as we are receiving phase 2 from LEADER and have another two years funding for this post.

We continue to work with existing groups and agencies locally and on the Orkney mainland to implement the Development plan, with a view to long term sustainability of the island.

Current projects include:
We are in the process of upgrading Morven House, our gateway house.

We are moving on with the renovation of the Kelp Store, which is to be a multi purpose building focusing on our heritage and our future. This will have small cafe as well as some gallery space. 

We now have a WIFI internet link for islanders based at the community house, thishas been provided through Pathfinders

We have a Papay Facebook page, the link being

We are as a Trust, an associate Partner to the Northern Periphery Programme, NoCrY 2, link to their web page, an innovative project designed to develop and support the young people of the island into seeking sustainable creative employment, that allows them the choice to live and work on the island if they so desire. 

Play area is available

Development of alternative energy sources

General social and economic development

Our Assets

  • The Kelp Store multi purpose Heritage/conference centre/ gallery/cafe
  • Morven House (gateway accommodation)

Our Future Plans

We have written the new development plan

Contact Details

Dee Quintas

secretarypapa [at] gmail [dot] com

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