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Sanday Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Isle of Sanday, Orkney
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Approx 500
Number of Staff:

How We Started

The original Sanday Development Group was established in 1996 following a public meeting instigated by an individual who realized that the only group locally responsible for any economic growth was the Community Council and they were constrained in what they could do. Following this meeting the group began by focusing on promoting tourism as a means of adding to the local economy. In March 2004 this Development Group changed to a Development Trust.

What We Do

The Sanday Development Trust has a comprehensive Development Plan which it is taking forward with the help of a Local Development Officer. The Trust aims to improve the quality of life on Sanday by bringing about social and economic regeneration, working actively with the community. Current activities include: * Ongoing skills development through bespoke workshops, seminars and courses and attendance at off island events and conferences. * Creation of local sound and photo archives. * Publication of a range of information leaflets and redevelopment of Sanday web portal. * Countryside Ranger Service in its third successful year. * Development of an indoor sports facility. * Establishment of a youth drop-in centre to be run by local young people, containing an internet cafe and recording studio. * Community music project to establish qualified music teachers on the island to foster community music groups and events. * Development of community-owned wind turbine. * A small number of small recycling and renewable projects.

Our Assets

  • 2 houses (to be converted into a youth drop-in centre)

Contact Details

Gareth Ellis
Local Development Officer

01857 600421
ldo [at] sandaydevelopmenttrust [dot] org [dot] uk

Tags associated with Sanday Development Trust:
Nature conservation, Youth services

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