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Shapinsay Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Island of Shapinsay, Orkney
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Number of Staff:
1 FT, 1 PT

How We Started

The Shapinsay Development Trust was formed by the residents of the island of Shapinsay in 2003. Its role in the greater scheme of things is to be the vehicle through which the islanders can collectively help to maintain and improve their lives on this small island of the Orkney Archipelago.

All Shapinsay residents over the age of 18 can apply for membership of the Trust and the Directors of the Trust are elected from within the membership of the Trust by the members.

What We Do

Work for the benefit of the island of Shapinsay.

Our Assets

  • 2 Laptop computers, 1 multi-function printer/fax/copiers, projector, screen
  • 'Whirly,' a community owned turbine
  • Minibus

Our Future Plans

The Trust together with the Shapinsay Renewables Limited has completed erecting a community owned wind turbine. The turbine (named WHIRLY) started producing electricity on 21st October 2011.

Other projects run by the Trust are:

- a community minibus

- Out of Hours Boat service

- Silver Surfers

- Monthly newsletter

Contact Details

Nic. Thake
Service Manager

SDTSM [at] shapinsay [dot] org [dot] uk

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