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South Kintyre Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Kintyre Peninsula south of Whitehouse. Including Campbeltown, East Kintyre, West Kintyre & Southend
Argyll & Islands

Number of Staff:

How We Started

South Kintyre Development Trust was formed in 2008 to advance community-led sustainable development and regeneration within South Kintyre. The Trust aims to build on its recent success by working to strengthen the community through serving individual needs and improving conditions in the local area.

What We Do

Since 2008 SKDT has become a trusted community anchor organization for South Kintyre, delivering several substantial projects, both independently and in partnership. It has also supported other local community groups and charities with project development and funding.

Major projects completed to date include: Community Powerdown Project, South Kintyre Community Action Plans, Coastal Communities Fund grant for The Kintyre Way, Self Storage Feasibility Study.

Current projects include: Campbeltown Town Hall project, Kintyre Community Renewables Partnership, Community Action Plan Review& Campbeltown Town Centre Group.

Our Assets

  • Campbeltown Town Hall

Our Future Plans

Our Strategic priorities are:

Improving Community Amenities, including refurbishment of Campbeltown Town Hall, managing community spaces and supporting partnerships to improve community facilities.

Maximising Community Benefit from Renewables, including developing a community benefit strategy for South Kintyre and developing partnerships to make best use of all potential income-generating opportunities.

Supporting Business Needs, including broadband improvements, marina access and promotion, business support, strategic community and tourism partnerships.

Contact Details

Zena Coffield
Trust Manager

01586 552870
info [at] skdt [dot] org

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