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South Loch Awe-side Community Company

Area of Operation:

South Loch Aweside
Argyll & Islands


How We Started

The South Loch Awe-side Community Company vision is to make South Loch Awe-side a better place to live and work.

There was growing concern in late 2013 that the local community (which is rural and quite isolated) was going backwards, that it lacked a voice, and that it was being passed by in terms of both local service provision, and representation with the various wind farm community benefit funds that apply in the area.

There was an open meeting to discuss options on how to address these concerns, and at that meeting, a group of local residents agreed to form a working group to define a way forward. This way forward was then outlined in a survey sent to all local residents and homeowners, where overwhelming support to proceed was received.

South Loch Awe-side Community Company was incorporated in April 2014.

What We Do

SLACC is seeking to make South Loch Awe-side a better place to live and work, through projects that give benefit to the local community, albeit with slightly different funding origins ...

a) The ideal project is entrepreneurial in nature and creates both local employment and a sustainable income stream

b) SLACC are also interested in projects that benefit the community where an inclusive, or wider, approach is required, and where this community does not have the required population to define an individual solution eg Broadband provision.

c) Should a project suggestion be deemed as benefitting the community, SLACC will seek to find a solution either from within its own resources or from grant funding.

Our Future Plans

Our ongoing projects are

a) Broadband ... to improve connectivity to the community by working under the Community Broadband Scotland (CBS) umbrella along with neighbouring communities. The scoping report is complete ... SLACC are waiting on aggregation by CBS to produce a feasibility study that defines a technical solution (and cost) for the way forward.

b) A Feasibility Study into possible acquisition of a redundant council building started in Jan 2015. This independent and objective study will help us define the path forward if SLACC wishes to progress with this idea.

c) Discussions started in Jan 2015 with the Forestry Commission re community acquisition of a local wood.

d) Prescription deliveries by post is an idea that is presently under discussion with the local medical stakeholders (since Dec 2014).

Contact Details

Martin O'Keeffe

mokeeffe [at] btconnect [dot] com

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