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Stanley Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Stanley and surrounding area
Tayside & Fife


How We Started

Stanley Development Trust (SDT) was formed in July 2008, and evolved out of the Stanley Improvement Association – a group of like-minded residents concerned about future developments in and around the village and their effect on the area. Following two successful public meetings, the community strongly endorsed the principle of the SIA becoming a Development Trust

What We Do

SDT’s overall aim is ‘to preserve, protect and enhance the environment and traditions of Stanley and the surrounding area by building and fostering a vibrant and sustainable community for the benefit of all those who live and work there’. It seeks to: • provide a voice for the people of Stanley and the surrounding area; • engage with local bodies and decision-makers on issues affecting Stanley; • improve the facilities available to all members of the community, especially young people; • preserve the integrity of the local heritage of buildings and the natural and man-made environment, • promote a spirit of self-help and willingness to volunteer SDT is currently working to conserve the area surrounding Stanley Mills, • provide greenspace within the village and surrounding area, • enhance the recreational amenities available within the village (including parkland, woodland, sports facilities, paths/cycleways, and flower beds), • investigating the feasibility of setting up a community oil purchasing co-operative

Contact Details

Munro Gauld

01738 829 262
munro [dot] gauld [at] tiscali [dot] co [dot] uk

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