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Strathblanefield Community Development Trust Ltd

Area of Operation:

Strathblane Community Council Area
Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley


How We Started

The Trust was set up to provide a channel for obtaining funds for village projects, in particular to redevelop the local play park, and also to enable the community to register an interest in land with a view to a ‘right to buy’, should the need arise.

What We Do

Strathblanefield Community Development Trust’s (SCDT) overall aim is to assist in improving the quality of life for those who live and work in the villages of Strathblane, Blanefield and Mugdock, and also for visitors to the area. The main function of the Trust is to provide support and advice to local organisations and working groups, as well as providing a channel for obtaining funds. To date SCDT has supported and raised funds for the following projects: building a stone bus shelter; holding an energy debate and energy fair; offering a free energy audit and advice service to every household in the community, including a thermal image of each property; purchasing publishing software to allow two volunteers to learn how to produce the village newsletter to ensure continuity of production; supporting the school in the running of a community summer fair; working with the community council and Stirling Council to carry out a village survey to ascertain the views of the community. The Trust is currently managing the survey and working with the Greenheart working group to redevelop the play park. SCDT also has aspirations to secure or develop sheltered housing and a community centre.

Contact Details

Robert Davy

01360 770145
cdt [at] strathblanefield [dot] org [dot] uk

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