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Strathmore & the Glens

Area of Operation:

Blairgowrie High School Catchment Area, Perthshire
Tayside & Fife

How We Started

The organisation was established to facilitate the implementation of ideas which would improve the quality of life in communities in the East Perthshire area. Board made up of representatives of local community.

What We Do

We are currently involved in organising and promoting a number of initiatives such as the Blairgowrie & East Perthshire Walking Festival, Blairgowrie Community Markets, Better Place to Live Fairs, Stride for Life Walks, Strathmore Centre for Youth Dialogue, Art Festival, a website which includes maintenance of on-line Business and Voluntary Organisation Directories. Our main role is one of networking, trying to promote the benefits of partnership working and empowering communities. A notable success has been the village of Meigle.

Our Assets

  • Trailer & Market Stalls

Contact Details

Sue Cole
Executive Director

01828 640763
sue [at] nscdesign [dot] com

Tags associated with Strathmore & the Glens:
Events/festivals, Local markets

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