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Sustaining Dunbar

Area of Operation:

Dunbar and surrounding villages
Edinburgh & South East (Lothian, Borders)


How We Started

Sustaining Dunbar was set up to raise awareness of the challenges posed by climate change and resource depletion; to focus on opportunities and solutions and on developing a sense of collective purpose and action; and to encourage planning and activity for a zero carbon and zero waste future for Dunbar.

What We Do

Sustaining Dunbar is part of the Transition Towns network and it has five working groups focusing on: • energy • enterprise • food • transport • resource use. A joint project, Carbon Neutral Dunbar, is being developed with the community council, Dunbar Community Development Company and Community Windpower Ltd. and will enable the employment of a full time administrator.

Contact Details

Philip Revell

01368 866920
philip [at] sustainingdunbar [dot] org

Tags associated with Sustaining Dunbar:
Energy conservation

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