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Tayport Community Trust

Area of Operation:

Tayport, Fife
Tayside & Fife

Number of Staff:

How We Started

Tayport Commnuity Trust grew out of Tayport Community and Sports Action Group to provide a community and sports centre for the community. We became incorporated in October 2008.

What We Do

The intent of Tayport Community Trust is to provide a structure that contributes to a vibrant & sustainable community, with improved quality of life, and which allows the whole community the opportunity to fulfill their social aspirations.

The overall aims of Tayport Community Trust are:

  • The provision and improvement of community and sports facilities in Tayport
  • Increasing the strength and capacity of the Tayport community to attract additional resources
  • Promoting co-operation between existing Tayport organisations to mutual advantage
  • Acting as a clearing house for communication and co-ordination in promoting these objectives
  • Promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable policies at every stage of our business

Our Future Plans

Tayport Community Trust plans to develop the former Abertay Works site into a Community Hub, with elements of Sports, Arts, Childcare, Community Engagement, Environmental activity, and Tourism.

Contact Details

Tony Gowland

enquiries [at] tayportct [dot] org [dot] uk

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