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The Ericht Trust Limited

Area of Operation:

Blairgowrie & Rattray
Tayside & Fife


How We Started

The Blairgowrie and Rattray Regeneration Company was formed in 2008 to concentrate on improving and regenerating a town which had many empty shops and some derelict buildings. The aim then was to develop projects which would turn this trend around.

Five years on and the "top down" approach to regeneration seems inappropriate and there is now a need to develop community led projects and change the direction of this company. We are in the process of changing the name to The Erich Trust to better fit what we do.

What We Do

The object of the trust is to develop a range of community projects which will benefit the businesses and the residents in the area and draw visitors to the town.

Blairgowrie Printers Film Completed and for sale since June 2014

Press Release to members and Public 26th January 2015

The Ericht Trust is Poised to move the Hill Project Forward

Since August 2014, the Ericht Trust Board has been working hard to make a viable and sustainable business case for the re-worked plans for the Hill Primary School.

We now know that we can achieve this and have drawn together the documents to make a presentation to Perth and Kinross Council. These documents were delivered to the Council on 21st January 2015. The Portfolio and Executive Summary are available on the website ( and, in town, in the Library and One Voice Community Office.

The Ericht Trust will be applying for a three year licence for the school buildings in order to apply to the funding bodies, principally The Heritage Lottery and The Big Lottery, for the money to complete the project. The licence agreement will contain an option to buy the premises at any time during the three years once a promise of funding is secured.

To help us do this we have appointed Ron Inglis (Cinema & Arts Consultant) as a Project Director. Ron has extensive experience of cinema and arts projects including the Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy and more recently he has been Project Manager with Campbeltown Community Business, where £3m has been raised for the restoration of the historic Picture House.

In the first instance, we will be applying for a Start-up grant from the Heritage Lottery to appoint a Heritage Consultant for the areas of the project related to our Heritage – principally “ The Berries” and “ The Print Museum”, and the building itself. Other topics will be brought in as space and funds allow.

At the same time, Ron will begin the Stage 1 application of Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF) and will make presentations to other funders and agencies in due course.

The revised cost for the project is now £4.8m. The Trustees would like to thank the professional team who have contributed so much over the last two years. In total we have raised over £50,000 towards all the professional fees and have received more than 160 hours of free professional help from local experts.


See Executive Report and Portfolio on 

Newspage and Projects page



Website active since last summer. Contains up to date information about projects .

Our Future Plans


HEAT Rattray and the Glens Project

HEAT Rattray will reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions in the PH10 7 post code area. We will deliver the outcomes with input from 3 core staff and Facilitators contracted to carry out specific pieces of work, managed by a Management Group operating as a sub-group of The Ericht Trust and in partnership with Mount Blair Development Trust. Activities will include:
• Home energy assessments.
• Reports and follow-up visits to support behavioural change and changes to the fabric of their home, advising on sources of help etc.
• Referrals to funders to subsidise or meet the full cost of improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
• Meetings with community groups to advise on behaviour change and facilitate the uptake of services.
• Production and dissemination of leaflets about the services and ways to reduce CO2e emissions.
• Run 4 Climate Conversation groups to equip participants with the skills to champion reductions in their community's carbon footprint.
• Work with Primary Schools to promote carbon literacy in pupils and their families.
• Follow up the survey work with Blairgowrie High School carried out in 2016.
• Take up specific ideas generated by the community to reduce their carbon footprint.
A f/t Manager will lead on the above work, manage staff and the interface with communities. A p/t Energy Advisor and a p/t Book-keeper/Administrator will complete the team. Climate Change Facilitators will take on specific roles.
The team will be based in various locations including the Rattray community house and Community Hub and the Session House, Kirkmichael. It will work in partnership with existing community groups and resources including community shops in the smaller locations. The intention will be for the team to go out to where the need is but will have a base for storage of information in the Number 5 community house in Rattray.
The Ericht Trust will manage the service through a sub-group. Both Community Councils and Mount Blair Development Trust will be key partners. The Mount Blair Action Plan contains a section on reducing the community's carbon footprint.
Perth and Kinross Council has offered support in terms of funding, information and rent-free use of the community house at number 5, Davie Park, Rattray. Referral mechanisms will be developed.
Home Energy Scotland has offered training and support at no cost.
PKAVS has already given help in terms of advice on HR matters and organisational requirements.
This is one of a number of carbon reduction initiatives which have their source in the Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Climate Cafe: safe cycle routes, a solar farm, a community garden and a bid to create a low carbon transport hub in this area.
In terms of legacy, the team will work on behaviour changes across the communities and encourage groups and individuals to sustain changes. Climate Conversations and extensions to the Climate Cafe in Blairgowrie will create climate champions to carry on the work beyond 2018. Community groups brought together for the first time will continue to work together.

Contact Details

Malcolm Davidson
Company Secretary

01828 627709
myreriggs [at] btinternet [dot] com

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