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The Isle of Jura Development Trust

Area of Operation:

The Isle of Jura
Argyll & Islands

Number of Staff:

How We Started

The Isle of Jura Development Trust was established by local residents in 1997 to maintain and enhance a sustainable island community, improve the quality of life, and promote development whilst protecting the natural heritage of the island.

What We Do

The Trust runs a Joint Service Point, which provides meeting and video-conferencing space, internet access and office services for local groups, and also enables statutory agencies to provide services to local people on an outreach basis. The Trust is currently raising funds to develop a vital new community facility at the site of The Antlers, an existing empty building in the centre of the village, which it owns. This will incorporate a tearoom, craft/gift shop, and interpretative display of ‘Jura Life’ . The project will provide employment opportunities both in the construction and running stages and provide a retail outlet for local craftspeople. The Trust is also involved in: • Maximising the tourism potential of the island – it has produced brochures on visitor accommodation and attractions, a website and new visitor signage and interpretation on the island • Developing additional moorings/pontoons and lighting at the Small Isles Bay • A trial passenger ferry service directly to the mainland. This project is being taken forward by the Trust’s Initiative at the Edge committee and will launch on 16th June.

Our Assets

  • The Antlers building in Craighouse

Contact Details

Peter Wotherspoon

01496 820161
co [dot] sec [dot] jdt [at] gmail [dot] com

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