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Udny Community Trust Company Ltd

Area of Operation:

Parish of Udny
North East (Aberdeen & Grampian)

Number of Staff:

How We Started

Udny Community Trust Company Limited started with the idea that, by owning an asset that would generate income, the community could meet its aspirations using its own resources.  In the case of Udny the asset was a wind turbine – any profit generated would come to the community as the community would be the owner.  As the idea evolved, two organisations were created – Udny Community Trust Company Limited, the parent company, and the Udny Community Turbine Company was formed as a trading subsidiary to operate the Turbine.

What We Do

Our aim is to help the local community to develop and we depend on ideas from local people to do this.  Our skills and our funding can help local groups and projects to do things that otherwise would be difficult for them.  There is no shortage of great ideas but without encouragement and financial help they remain as ideas and the enthusiast can get discouraged.  We intend to make these projects possible and demonstrate that a small community can work together to improve its standard of living.  To do this:

✓  We provide grants to community groups and projects through the Community Fund Grants Scheme.

✓  We deliver projects directly and in partnership with other groups.

✓  We provide training and opportunities to help members of the community get more involved.

✓  We make connections between groups that allow projects to happen and ideas to be developed.

✓  We manage our resources for the long term too so that future generations will benefit.

Our Assets

  • Community owned wind turbine (Udny Community Turbine Company)
  • Office with bookable meeting room

Our Future Plans

In early 2014 the Board began working on a longer term plan for Udny Community Trust Company Limited.  This set out some initial priority areas based on community consultation events up to March 2012 and on nearly two years of active work in the community on various projects and ideas.  The essential purpose of the organisation was set out in a simple statement - Helping the community of Udny to develop.  A survey was created to seek feedback from members and that valuable information added to the final strategic plan for 2014 to 2019 which has now been published.

Contact Details

Eleanor Morris
Development Officer

01651 843776
development [at] udnycommunitytrust [dot] org [dot] uk

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Environmental improvements, Grant schemes, Renewable energy

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