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Ullapool Community Trust Ltd

Area of Operation:

Lochbroom Community Council's area around Ullapool in Wester Ross
Highland & Western Isles

Number of Staff:
1 F/T

How We Started

Lochbroom Community Council and other organisations in the Ullapool area had been considering the benefits of forming a local community development organisation for several years before being informed of the Community Powerdown initiative in the summer of 2008. Powerdown was funded through the Climate Challenge Fund and was set up by Community Energy Scotland alongside DTAS and 25 community groups from all over Scotland with the aim of reducing carbon emissions. 

With the formation of Powerdown Ullapool Community Trust was created and attempts were made to have projects from the Ullapool area included within the Powerdown initiative. A part time Powerdown Project Officer was appointed in April 2009 to aid the progression of identified projects through additional research and identification of funding sources.  

With the completion of the Powerdown project in April 2011 the Trust secured joint funding through Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and Highland LEADER to appoint a full time Community Development Officer. The officer will continue working on existing projects started by Powerdown while also identifying and carrying forward new projects while also developing a community growth plan for the area.

What We Do

Ullapool Community Trust successfully completed several projects targeted at carbon reduction during the Powerdown project. This included installing solar panels on the roof of the community owned swimming pool to provide additional hot water, and the replacement of inefficient windows and doors in several community owned buildings to improve energy efficiency.

Since the completion of the Powerdown project the Trust is now broadening its horizons and will identify and develop projects which will improve social, economic and environmental aspects of the community. This means that the Trust will be involve in a wide range of activities from housing and transport to energy issues and social activities. The Trust identifies the most pressing needs in the community through a variety of means including discussions with community organisations, public meetings and events and community consultations. A community survey commissioned by HIE and the carried out by the Trust was recently published which identified the concerns of the community and the popularity of various projects amongst other findings. The findings from this and other sources will be used to develop a community growth plan which will be completed by November 2011.

Minutes of meetings and details of events are published in the local newspaper the Ullapool News as well as on the Trusts on website. The website also contains other information including a link to the recent community survey. The Trust has an office in the Harbour Buildings in Ullapool where the public are able to contact the Community Development Officer.

Contact Details

Ben Williams
Community Development Officer

01854 613 879
ben [at] ullapoolcommunity [dot] org

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