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Uplawmoor Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Uplawmoor Community Council Boundary
Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley

Number of Staff:
7 Directors

How We Started

A growing wish from within the village  for more Community involvement  in all features and facilities in  Uplawmoor.  Analysis of  responses to a detailed questionnaire given to all villagers revealed overwhelming support for the establishment of a Development Trust.

What We Do

The responses from our questionnaire showed there were four key issues  which needed to be addressed by the Trust. As a result, we have set up four Project Groups to work on these issues:

  1. Transport Group - this has provided full information to the community of the facilities available to residents how to access special transport for those  who have difficulty in attending Doctor's or hospital appointments. It has also provide information on how to hire small buses owned and operated by East Renfrewshire Council.
  2. Shop Group - the village used to have a few shops, but now there are none, and following a survey of the community, it was established that a Community owned and run shop was wanted. The group is actively seeking site location and funding to achieve its goal. Unfortunately due to the close proximity of larger shops and supermarkets, a sustainable business case could not be made.
  3. Paths Group - set up to improve the paths around the village and make as many as possible wheelchair accessible. During 2013, four working parties have carried out big improvements. Other possible pathways are being investigated.
  4. Play park and Playing Fields Group - is working on upgrading the current inadequate play park equipment and general set up. Plans have been made, and funding is being sought.

Our Assets

  • Currentl at the end of 2014, the Trust has no owned assets,
  • We have been awarded Charitable Status

Contact Details

David Riddet

01505 850777
udt [at] btinternet [dot] com

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