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Valley Renewables Group

Area of Operation:

Carron Valley Community Council Ward
Forth Valley (Stirling, Falkirk, Clacks)

300 approx.

How We Started

The Valley Renewables Group is the Development Trust for the Carron Valley and District Community Council area of Stirling District' It was formally established 5 years ago after negotiations with a windfarm developer over community development funds. It is a charity (OSCR SCO 3944) and a company limited by guarantee (33821). Our Directors are drawn from the local community and include one appointed by the Community Council. We have just reviewed our past 5 year strategy and produced a development strategy for 2015-2018. Our commitment is to be inclusive, open, accountable and transparent in all our dealings and above all to ensure a lasting legacy of anny community benefit funds available to community.

What We Do

Our activities have included:


  • Small grant scheme to support installation of energy efficient and sustainable measures in households
  • Annual Open Days to bring community together and provide information and introduce local services
  • Extensive negotiations with existing and prospective windfarm developers over community benefits
  • Exploring feasibility of a community hub
  • Survey of all households to identify needs and priorities
  • Cost effective bulk oil buying scheme
  • Access to free energy audits by expert consultant
  • Identifying means for enhancing broadband coverage and speeds
  • Development of new website
  • Building partnership with Community Council

Our Assets

  • Community Benefit Fund from windfarm developer

Our Future Plans

Among our future priorities:


  • Expanding and diversifying small grant scheme
  • Fostering new community activities and groups
  • Supporting heritage and history society and sponsoring research in this field
  • Improving identification of historic sites and developing paths and signage
  • Supporting educational, sporting,and cultural involvement of community's young people.
  • promoting local businesses and producers
  • Encouraging volunteering in community
  • Reducing local carbon footprint

Contact Details

Barbara Wilson

bwilsonscotland [at] yahoo [dot] com

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