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West Harris Trust

Area of Operation:

West Harris
Highland & Western Isles


How We Started

Incorporated in August 2008, The West Harris Crofting Trust (trading as the West Harris Trust) acquired the West Harris estates of Luskentyre, Borve and Scaristvore in January 2010 from the Scottish Government – the first such transfer of crofting lands from the State to a crofting community. A company limited by guarantee, the Trust has recently applied for both Rural Housing Body and charitable status

What We Do

The West Harris Trust owns and manages 16,700 acres of land, all of which falls within National Scenic Area designation. It is landlord to 52 tenanted crofts and associated common grazings. Of the 95 homes in the area, 35% are second or holiday homes, and the population of the area is only around 130. The age profile is extreme, with 35% of the population over 65, and only 16 children.

The Trust is currently progressing development plans for a hydro-electric project on a small burn, and is also examining potential sites for wind turbines. The trust plans to assist townships to create more woodlands and crofters to take greater advantage of landscape and biodiversity initiatives

The estate receives only a low level of income from its land management and crofting landlord roles, and is looking to the hydro-electric project to source income to progress many of its development aspirations

Our Future Plans

The Trust is committed to increasing the population by 30% over a 10 year period through creating 10 new affordable houses and creating/ re-establishing 6 further croft tenancies

Contact Details

Duncan MacPherson

01859 550457
dev [at] westharristrust [dot] org

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