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Westray Development Trust

Area of Operation:

Island of Westray, Orkney
Northern Isles (Shetland & Orkney)

Number of Staff:

How We Started

The Trust was established following a public meeting attended by over 100 residents to discuss issues in the community and local concerns. Following its inclusion in the government programme ‘Initiative at the Edge’ a conference, attended by over 400 people from the community and local agencies to identify local needs, priorities and solutions was held and out of that a strategic plan, ‘Turning the Tide’ was developed. The main themes that emerged included depopulation and economic decline together with the social and economic issues associated with being a remote Scottish island.

What We Do

A number of the projects included in the initial strategic plan have now been achieved, for example the establishment of a youth centre, the construction of a care centre in partnership with Orkney Islands Council, and the commissioning of a community owned wind turbine. Current projects are identified on the WDT website and include Golf Course development, projects to assist economic development, and ongoing management of the Hofn Youth Centre and the community owned wind turbine (through Westray Renewable Energy, the trading subsidiary of WDT). The trust has recently moved into trust-owned offices and an Operations Manager has been employed to manage the business of the trust as well as trading subsidiaries.

Our Assets

  • Youth drop-in facility
  • Wind turbine
  • Golf Course

Contact Details

Westray Development Trust Office

01857 677858
office [at] westraydt [dot] co [dot] uk

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