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Energy Action Group

Energy Action Group

Reducing Energy Costs Together

Providing Development Trusts, Social Enterprises and the Third Sector reduced Utility Bills, energy advice and access to energy efficient technologies

About Us

  The Energy Action Group is a new way to cut energy costs. This large scale energy buying group, which was first piloted in Wales by the Development Trusts Association, has been a huge success. In partnership with energy consultants Touchstone Services we combine our expertise in the energy market to help our clients save money on energy bills as well as invest in energy saving equipment and improve energy efficiency.

The Next Step

To get your free no obligation quote or ask for specialised energy efficiency advice:For further information:
Telephone: Claire McRae 07947 557204
Email: claire [at] dtascot [dot] org [dot] uk
Or fill in the contact form below

Find out more about Energy Saving with the DTA Wales Energy Saving Kit

Get Involved

To get you a quote we require:

  1. A signed Letter of Authority complete with your company logo and full name.
  2. A full copy of your energy bills for each meter.

To get involved please download and sign the Letter of Authority below on your organisation's headed notepaper and return to us with a copy of your latest Gas and Electric bills.

I am interested in the DTAS Energy Action Group
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