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Start-Up Trusts

DTAS has a flexible and varied approach to assisting community organisations explore the development trust approach and supporting emerging development trusts become established. This includes:

  • Giving talks and presentations to community meetings, steering groups, etc about the development trust approach, the benefits they can bring and how to go about setting one up. (Find out more from "So you want to set up a Development Trust?" on the Publications page)
  • Informing and inspiring communities by sharing stories and experiences from other communities across the country. (Find out more from "Inspiring Change" and the "DTAS Tabloid" on the Publications page)
  • Giving advice on the key steps and issues involved in starting a development trust. (Find out more from "Inspiring Change" on the Publications page)
  • Giving advice on choosing an appropriate organisational structures and assistance with establishing a company structure (Find out more from the "Start-Up Toolkit" on the Publications page)
  • Giving advice on how to motivate, consult and involve the local community
  • Facilitating links and resourcing exchange visits between development trusts
  • Providing access to training events. (Find out more from the Learning/Events section)