Sleat Community Trust - Highland & Western Isles

Established 2004

Sleat Community Trust owns land at Armadale on which the village shop, Post Office and filling station are situated. These community owned and lifeline services are run by Sleat Community Trading Company Ltd which also manages a community broadband service, Skyenet and Visit Sleat - the official tourism organisation for the Sleat peninsula which promotes the area as a destination of choice for visitors. We hope to secure funding in 2018 to redevelop these vital assets to provide purpose-built future-proofed facilities that will remain in community ownership. Also on the Armadale site is a garage unit for car servicing and repairs which is leased out.

The Trust also owns the 440ha Tormore Forest which is managed by the Trust’s second trading arm, Sleat Renewables Ltd. This is an active asset with harvesting operations providing wood chip and split logs, as well as replanting commercial and indigenous trees. Ongoing work includes a path network, a forest school and picnic area.

The Trust continues to look to future works including micro hydro with consideration for community share issue, anaerobic digestion systems for local bio waste, EV charging points, charcoal production from brash and has recently established an Affordable Housing Group.

Member Story

Angus Robertson, Sleat Community Trust on the Isle of Skye, discusses the trading companies set up by the trust, one a retail subsidiary and the other dealing in renewable energy.

DTAS Member Stories: Angus Robertson, Sleat Community Trust

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