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Housing Site Checklist

Rural Housing Guide

✓ Identify all possible sites on a map.

✓ View all potential sites (rule nothing out at this stage) with local members, planning staff and Rural Housing Service.

✓ Is there a site adjacent to the development boundary or within the settlement boundary?

✓ Is there access to amenities and facilities?

✓ Is there access to public transport?

✓ Does the site naturally 'round off' the boundary? Is there a natural containment?

✓ Would the site intrude into the landscape or be harmful to the setting?

✓ Would the development conserve or enhance the village?

✓ Any previous problems with flooding?

✓ Any access problems? Is there enough room for highway displays? Good visibility?

✓ Any likely problems with trees?

✓ Any anecdotal problems with services such as sewerage, drainage etc.?

✓ Is the land fairly flat?

✓ What is the size of the site? Usually about half an acre per eight houses is needed.

✓ What are neighbours views likely to be?

✓ Is the landowner positive about affordable housing?

✓ Collect as much information as possible about all sites. The Rural Housing Service can assist with this