North West Mull Community Woodland Company Ltd - Argyll & Islands

Established 2005

The NWMCWC continues to maintain and improve the amenity, recreational access and biodiversity value of the woodlands as well as running Dervaig Village Toilets. It has ambitious plans for the future use of the woodlands. Amongst the most significant uses it is investigating are: - Creation of a Timber Transport Road to get the mature commercial timber to market. - Provision of plots for affordable housing - A small windfarm - energy supply company providing woodchip and wood boilers to local customers - a sawmill - forest crofts - a multi-use building for workshops, office/meeting space and educational use - a tree nursery - woodland burial sites - a range of educational facilities and activities focussing on the value of woodlands and use of timber and non-timber products, in partnership with the island's schools and Ranger service

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